While not necessarily new to the scene, normcore boasts simplicity and, well, being normal as the name implies. This aesthetic is used to describe normal-looking clothing and doesn’t make the wearer stand out in any way. It may sound boring to some, but to many into the trend, it’s being normal and plain that’s what makes it so wonderful and aesthetically pleasing.

A normcore outfit can be composed of casual staples such as a plain white t-shirt, hoodies, jeans, and polos. Accessories are minimal to none, so this makes it perfect for minimalists or those who want to take a break from eye-catching fashion styles.

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Putting together an outfit is simple as one probably already has a few pieces in their wardrobe they can use. Normcore is all about being simple, putting together what you have, but also keeping in mind a certain style that looks clean and neat. Another wonderful aspect of this aesthetic is it’s being unisex, so both men and women can enjoy it. Anyone of any age can wear it as well.

Normcore is timeless and classic; it won’t ever go out of style and it’s a perfect go-to look when one doesn’t want to think so hard about what to wear for the day. It’s an aesthetic that everyone can get into and would make anyone look good, maybe even professional while being casual.

This style goes to show that looking simple and normal can make you look very neat and clean, and you don’t have to be so flashy about anything. One doesn’t even have to go for expensive, branded clothing to put together a nice outfit. You could just simply don a nice clean, plain shirt with a pair of pants and you’re good to go to seize the day with style.

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