In the vast technological improvements, we also need to be updated with the programs we use in our computers to maximize its full use. Here are some tips that would help you maximize the full potential of your software.

Have an access to your computer from afar.
There is this app called team viewer wherein it allows you to access multiple computers and have an access even to your files on one computer. It would be really beneficial if you need to multi-task and you have a lot of unconsolidated files between your laptop and your computer.

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Dave Grohl software access.
Dave Grohl is known for his exceptional talent for breaking software codes and password protected software. Dave Grohl software will enable you to hack into any password protected software and computers.

Consolidated desktop.
Did you know that a messy desktop could cause system lag to your computer? Try consolidating your files to avoid this desktop lag.

YouTube time saver.
When you are watching a YouTube video and you want to pause it just press “K” on your keyboard and pressing it again will play the video. To forward the video just press “L” however if you want to rewind the video press “J”. On the other hand, if you want to watch YouTube videos without the distracting interruption of comments just go to

Get rid of your online account.
Simply go to sites such as;; and there are steps provided to get rid of your account.

YouTube video to GIF.
If you have seen a funny video on YouTube that you want to make it as a GIF simply add a “gif” word before the word and you may choose the part of the video you want to turn into a GIF.

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