My doctor told me to play 36 holes a day, so I went out and bought a harmonica.
In today’s tech-savvy world, where nearly every device becomes updated or refreshed every now and then, the golf ball too, goes through this and thus offers an array of options when deciding which one to choose from.
Though on the outside, it looks exceedingly simple, it is without a doubt quite complex. Here are the best golf balls 2017.

1. The Chrome Soft X By Callaway
This is one of rarest of golf balls that has the softest feel, the best forgiveness, and is aerodynamically designed to provide the best shot. Its construction too is quite sophisticated – comprising of a 4-piece construction which is quite ideal for mid-to-low handicappers with faster swing speeds. On the outside, it consists of thin, ultra-soft tour Urethane that enhances spin control and provides a soft and crisp feel to it.
It comes in a variety of bold colors such as truvis yellow, truvis red and white, to name a few. It may seem a bit on the pricier side, but it’s definitely worth the shot!

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2. The TP5x By TaylorMade
This ball comes under the Tour category is said to have a much
longest distance, soft feel, and high launch compared to its predecessors. It consists of a 5-piece construction making it one of the most durable and lightweight balls in its category having a Urethane cover on the outside. It provides an extreme value for the buck and comes in the default color of any golf ball – white.

3. The Tour B XS By Bridgestone
This ball to comes under the Tour category like the TP5x but, its biggest selling point is that it has a much-reduced spin which in turn leads to increased accuracy. Like the others, it too comprises of a 3-piece construction and is covered by a Urethane SlipRes cover that creates added friction for enhanced feel and control that also provides a solid bright yellow or white finish to it. Well, last but not least, it still boils down to the price and though a tad bit on the expensive side, it’s definitely a great value for what money can buy.

Written by: Thomson

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