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Using Task Management Software to Combat Stress at Home: How to Re-balance Your Life

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Your Life, More Organized...

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Using Task Management Software to Combat Stress at Home...

...How to Re-balance Your Life.

Mention task management software to most people and they will immediately think of something they would use at work. And while it is undoubtedly important in making the work day more productive, it can also play a major role in helping us get more done outside the 9-to-5.

When there is so much we could do with our time, we all want to focus our efforts on what gives us, and our families, the most pleasure. So, just as at work, an effective task management system will help you ‘claw back’ the minutes and enable you to get more done in the same time, in your personal life.

Most particularly, for any large domestic projects you have on the go – from moving home, even building your own home, or organizing a wedding – a task management system will help you manage and organize projects more efficiently so they happen faster, more cheaply and with less stress.

Of course, your projects don’t have to be ‘meaty’ to benefit from good task management principles – the tedious and routine jobs of everyday life can all be accomplished more efficiently too, giving you and your family more leisure time to enjoy.

By using software to create a system for managing all the things you have to do, your domestic life will feel less chaotic.   And, when you feel more in control, your day-to-day stress levels will drop.

But what sort of software should you look for?

Traditional ‘To Do list’ software is one option. But when the world around you is full of iPads, tablets, laptops and smartphones,  just writing lists (even electronic ones), doesn’t offer a very exciting ‘user experience’.

When that happens, task management can all too easily become boring and a chore, and when that happens it’s not long before you give up trying to manage your jobs in this way altogether.

So, it’s worth considering the new generation of smart task management software that takes a different, more project-based approach.

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One major advantage of this type of software is that rather than letting you simply attach a task to a project, as most standard To Do list software does, smart task management applications recognize that many tasks can only be done when you are in the right place (home, office, town, school), with the right people (wife, husband, children), or with the right equipment available (phone, computer). So, it lets you ‘tag’ a task to a ‘context’.

This immediately gives you the flexibility to sort and filter your task list so that it’s always right for the circumstance, and not set in stone.

So, when your daughter drops round to discuss her wedding, you can immediately create a ‘living list’ of all relevant tasks, filtering it further into phone calls or people-specific actions.

That’s a flexibility you can never achieve when tasks are ‘locked in’ to specific To Do lists.

Bridging The Work-Home Divide.

If you are adopting a task management system at work, it also makes sense to continue that process at home. After all, if task management is to become a natural part of the rhythm of your day, it’s not something you can leave behind the office door.

One way to help ensure the transition from work to home is seamless, is to choose task management software that’s ‘cloud-based’, which means it lives on a remote server rather than your own PC, Mac or laptop. That way you can access your task management system from anywhere, from any computer and at any time.

By using cloud-based software, you will be able to integrate office and domestic task management much more effectively and you can be sure that nothing will fall through the ‘join’, no matter where you happen to be.

And, if you work from home on a regular basis, then setting up an integrated system makes even more sense.

What’s more, being on the cloud means that you can share your system with other members of your family, making it even easier to plan domestic life by creating a central store of tasks, actions and reference material for all your domestic projects, that can be accessed anywhere from smartphones, iPads and laptops.

And you never know, if you choose a task management application that offers a great user experience, like our very own 'ShoutDone' does, it may even persuade the kids to keep you posted on where they are and what they’re doing.

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Of course, selling the idea of a collaborative task management system may be a step too far for some families, but that need not stop each member from setting up their own system, especially if they see it’s working for someone else in the family.

But, if committing to setting up a ’whole life’ task management system seems a little daunting, why not dip a toe in the water first and trial a few different software packages?

In fact, if you are thinking about choosing a system for work, you could even trial the options in the less pressurized environment of home before making a commitment. That way you will get to know the package without being under time pressure and where the implications of making a mistake are far less severe.

Whether at home or work, adopting a new way of doing things takes time to adjust to, but choose the right smart task management system and using it will soon become second nature as your behaviours change and patterns become established.

And, of course, the more you use your system the more you will get out of it.

So, if you‘d like to move your life forward, not just at work, but at home too, then embrace a task management system to deliver a little more domestic bliss.

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