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Chapter 6: Working with ShoutDone Filters

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ShoutDone Manual

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Chapter 6: Working with ShoutDone Filters

ShoutDone filters are a quick, effective way to get incredibly focused views of your project and task data, to help you work in a more productive way. Specifically, they enable you to view only those tasks that you need to see at a particular moment in time in order to get things done.

Task List Filter Controls

The task list filter controls are located over on the right-hand-side of the screen, as shown in the screen-shot below. They all act as 'toggle switches': One click to turn them on, and activate the filter, another click to switch them off (and de-activate the filter). When a filter is active, its icon will glow a little brighter than those filters that are inactive.

Fig 1: The ShoutDone Task List Filters:


Priorities Still Apply

It's important to note that, even when viewing a filtered selection of tasks, your task priorities will still apply. So, just as when viewing the full list of tasks, your 'most important' tasks will appear in the upper-left portion of the screen (based on your priorities/sort-order settings).

The only difference is that the filter will exclude some tasks for you. So, you could see which of your 'small' tasks is the most important - perfect for making some quick productivity gains when the mood takes you.

Applying Multiple Filters

The great thing about the ShoutDone filters is that you can activate multiple filters at the same time to create incredibly specific views of your project and task data. Simply activate multiple filters by clicking the respective menu icons, as shown below.

Fig 2: Activating Multiple Task Filters, for Laser-Focused Views:


You can find out more about how each filter works, by following the links below:

Task Owner

Revenue Earnings Potential

Task Size

Due Date




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