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Chapter 4: Working with Projects and Tasks

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ShoutDone Manual

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Chapter 4: Working with Projects and Tasks

As described in the introductory sections to this manual, ShoutDone takes a 'project and task' orientated approach to organizing your workload. The view of projects and tasks afforded by ShoutDone is unlike any other task management application - you get an instant overview of the most important tasks needing carrying out, across your different projects, in a simple to understand interface.

Baby Steps Toward Your Goals

The principle underpinning the ShoutDone approach is that by breaking your larger tasks and projects into smaller, baby-steps you make the tasks ahead of you more distinct and manageable. You're breaking the whole into bite-sized pieces that are themselves easier to digest (rather than trying the eat the whole project in one bite).

Always Be Moving Forward: Creating a Sense of Progress

In breaking a project into smaller, more manageable tasks you not only give yourself a clearer picture of the specific steps that need carrying out, you also generate a real sense of positive progress - forward momentum- due to the fact that you'll be working through more, smaller tasks on your way to completing the project.

So, for example, rather than having the one same large task sat on your list every day (breeding a sense of non-progress) it's better to break this tasks into several smaller parts and to actually see your daily progress through these tasks. The work done might actually be the same, but the sense of progress is markedly different.

In this section of the manual we'll be covering off the following topics - click one to dive straight in, to dive straight in, or use the 'Next' link further down this page.

Adding Projects

Adding Single Tasks

Adding Multiple Tasks

Editing/Deleting Tasks

Editing/Deleting Projects

Advanced Task Variables


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