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Chapter 2: The ShoutDone Interface

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ShoutDone Manual

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Chapter 2: The ShoutDone Interface

ShoutDone has been carefully designed to make the process of managing your projects and tasks as pleasant an experience as possible. To this end we have designed what we feel is the richest user-interface on the market for displaying projects and tasks.

In this section we give a brief introduction to the different parts of the software - there are more 'in depth' instructions later in this manual - for now, use the sections below as a familiarization exercise, so you can get to know the layout of the ShoutDone software.

Getting to Know Your Way Around ShoutDone

Here's a list of the different quick introductory sections in this chapter of the manual:

Projects and Tasks


The 'Next Action' Concept

Right-Click Task Menu



View Modes


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ShoutDone Task List Software

More Useful Support Links:

If you want to print out the full ShoutDone manual, you can view, save and/or print the PDF Manual by clicking here.

If you'd like to check out the free tutorial videos, designed to help you get the most from ShoutDone, then click here.

If your question is not answered by either the manual or the videos, then please drop by our support ticket system.