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2.3 - The 'Next Action' Concept

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ShoutDone Manual

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2.3 - The 'Next Action' Concept

If you've read the manual page before this one, you'll already know that the important tasks in your projects will automatically float to the top, based on the priorities you have set inside ShoutDone. The points below build out on this, highlighting some of the logic underpinning how ShoutDone works, and how it can streamline your to-do list.

Focus on the Top Row: Your Next Actions

With each project displaying its own most-important task right at the top, it logically follows that the upper-most row of tasks is where you need to focus your energies, if you want to make amazing progress across your different projects. You need to discipline yourself into thinking of the top row - those uppermost tasks - as your 'Next Actions'.

These 'Next Actions' are a concept popularized in David Allen's incredibly successful book "Getting Things Done" in which he explains how tackling your next most important project steps, one at a time, in baby steps, leads to more rapid success and a greater sense of personal productivity.

There's no better feeling than finishing your day knowing you've completed a whole heap of super-important items on your list - no 'filler tasks'!

Fig 1: The Top Row Tasks are Your 'Next Actions':


Manually Promoting Tasks, Using Flags

There may come a time when a task needs to leap-frog the other tasks in your project list - perhaps your boss called and set the due date to 'yesterday!' - and for those occasions you have a useful tool built into ShoutDone - the 'Flag'. Flagging a task will cause it to shoot up to the top of your projects and to become your 'Next Action' for that project (assuming you keep 'flagged status' your top priority, that is) so you can quickly boost tasks into your immediate field of view.

Fig 2: Flagging Tasks to Boost Their Priority:


This process of only working on our next actions is something that requires self-discipline and consistency. But start using this technique today and you'll soon find yourself making massive productivity gains across the board.


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