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2.5 - Filters

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ShoutDone Manual

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2.5 - Filters

Filters are an incredibly powerful way to quickly cut to the important tasks, within ShoutDone. They're an integral part to any modern task management system and I highly recommend you take the time to familiarize yourself with how they work, in order to get the full benefit they have to offer.

This section simply lists out the different filters so you're aware of what's available to you - they each have their own sections later in the manual.

Using Filters to Fit Tasks Around Your Schedule

The list below details the various filters that you can apply to quickly dissect your task list - literally in just couple of clicks of your mouse. Once you understand how to use and apply these filters you'll be able to cut through your tasks like never before.

Filter by Task Owner

Filter by Earnings Potential

Filter by Task Size

Filter by Due Date

Filter by Context

Filter by Flagged Status

Fig 1: The ShoutDone Filters:


Later in the manual, we describe how each filter works, and their respective benefits. For now, you need only know that, to activate a filter, you simply click the respective filter icon on the right of your screen. If there are any filter 'options' a menu will appear.

Making a selection from these menus will set switch the filter on (the respective filter icon will remain 'illuminated', so you know it's 'on'), and apply the filter to your task view. To de-activate the filter, simply click the icon a second time - they work something like a 'toggle switch'.


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