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3.6 - Reviewing Progress

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3.6 - Reviewing Progress

An essential part of any task management system is a 'regular review'. Normally once a week, it's important that you set time aside to review your projects and tasks, and to make sure that everything is pushing in the right direction - toward your business goals. It's often easy to deviate from your objectives sue to external influences, and unforeseen issues, so the review serves to get your projects back on track.

Becoming 'Agile': Small Changes, Made Often

While a weekly review is a great as a bare minimum (forcing you to consider whether your business is still on track) there's a more general approach that you ought to consider taking to your projects and tasks, generally - an idea borne of the 'Agile' methodology: Small changes, made often.

The principle goes something like this: It's far better to constantly review your projects, and to make several, smaller adjustments along the way, than to arrive at the end of the project only to find that you are some way from the intended outcome, and that you have to expend considerable effort getting the project to where it was meant to be.

It's a little like sailing a ship from one point to another. Along the journey external factors, such as wind and tide, will affect the course of the boat - only will regular checks and measures can you ensure you're still on-course. If you're veering off course slightly then you can make regular adjustments to ensure you reach your destination. Simply setting an initial course then 'hoping for the best' is unlikely to work.

Becoming 'Agile': Small Changes, Made Often

Reviewing your projects and tasks in ShoutDone is simple - just use the filter tools on the right of your screen to call up contextual views of your projects and tasks so that you can identify any slippage, and any adjustments that need making. The important thing, during such reviews, is to remind yourself what the objectives of each project are as you look through the tasks - you want to ensure you're still on course to reach your destination.

Fig 1: The ShoutDone Filters:



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