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6.2 - Revenue Earnings Potential

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6.2 - Revenue Earnings Potential

For many businesses, small or large, one of the most important measures of success is (of course) the bottom line - net profits. The ShoutDone task management software encourages you to align task priorities with this very important measure, by allowing you to enter a 'revenue earnings potential' when adding tasks.

Then, using the earnings potential filter, you can quickly get a view of those tasks that add the most benefit to your business in terms of profitability.

Low/Medium/High Earnings Potential

To filter your tasks by tasks with different levels of earnings potential, click the 'Earnings Potential' menu option on the right of your screen (as shown below). This will open a pop-up menu from which you can select either low, medium or high earnings potential - selecting one of these options will filter your task list accordingly.

You might, for example, want to call up a view of 'low-profitability tasks' and delegate these to a junior member off staff. Conversely, you might want to focus on the 'high-profitability tasks' yourself.

Fig 1: The Earnings Potential Menu Option:


Note: Once you are finished viewing the resulting tasks, you can deactivate the filter by clicking on the same 'Earnings Potential' filter menu option. The filter will be switched off, and all tasks will again be visible.


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