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8.9 - Registration Settings

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ShoutDone Manual

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8.9 - Registration Settings

The Registration settings screen is a useful tool for checking the current registration status of your copy of ShoutDone, and for upgrading if required. The registration settings are available from the settings menu as shown below.

Fig 1: The Registration Settings Menu:


Registration Status

The Registration Status shows the current status for your installed copy of ShoutDone. The possible messages you will see here are:

Unregistered (if you are using the time-limited trial version)

Registered (if you are using the free, registered version)

Pro Version (if you are using a fully licensed copy of ShoutDone)

If you are using the 'Pro version' of ShoutDone, you'll also see your personal registration number displayed on this settings screen - so you can quote it to our support staff if prompted.

Register Online (Trial Version Only)

The 'Register Online' button (visible on time-limited 'trial' installations only) will launch open a registration pop-up (shown below) that you can fill out to receive a download link for the registered version of ShoutDone (which has no time limitations).

Fig 2: Registration Pop-up:


Order Pro Version (Trial/Registered Versions Only)

If you're using either the Trial version or Registered version of ShoutDone, you'll also see a 'Order Pro Version' button on this settings screen. Clicking this button will load the online order form for ShoutDone, and will pop-up a window ready to enter your personal license code shown below (Note: the license code is sent to you on ordering your copy of ShoutDone).

Fig 3: License Code Entry Pop-up:



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