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1.4 - Registering ShoutDone (Free Version)

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ShoutDone Manual

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1.4 - Registering ShoutDone (Free Version)

Registering ShoutDone unlocks the Free Trial version permanently on your computer. The only limitation of the (permanently) free version is that you can't share your projects and tasks on more than one computer - the tasks you enter will remain local to an individual computer, and will not synchronize online. To enable online synchronization you will need to order the Pro version.

Registration itself is free, and requires only your name and email address. Upon registering you'll be sent an email containing a link to the registered version of ShoutDone. There are two locations from which you can register a Trial version of ShoutDone, detailed below.

Registering (Free) from Opening Screen

Each time that you load the Trial Version of ShoutDone, you will be prompted to register. On that prompt screen (shown below), enter your name and your primary e-mail address, then click the 'Register' button to complete the registration process. You will automatically receive a confirmation email from Shout Internet - simply click the link in that email to go to the registered version download page.

Fig 1: The Registration Screen:


Registering (Free) from Settings Screen

As well as registering from the start-up screen described above, you can also register at any time simply by heading over to 'Settings', within the ShoutDone software, then by selecting 'Registration' from the menu on the left of the Settings pop-up.

As shown below, you can load the registration screen by clicking the button labeled 'Register Online for Free'.

Fig 2: The Registration Settings Screen:



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