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Quick-Start Guide

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ShoutDone Manual

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Quick-Start Guide

Some people would rather simply 'dive in' to the software, than skim through the whole manual. So, for those of you who fall into that category, here's the shortest possible guide we can give you to point you in the right direction.

Remember: If you get stuck, you can always return to the help manual here for more information.

Download and Install ShoutDone Software

When you registered (or purchased) ShoutDone you will have been taken the download page for the installation file. You'll also have been sent a link to the download page in an e-mail for your reference.

Go ahead and download, then install, the ShoutDone software on your PC or Mac, before reading through the remaining quick-start tips below.

Fig 1: The ShoutDone Download Page:


2 Minute Overview of the ShoutDone Interface

Essentially, ShoutDone organizes your projects as columns (running left-to-right across your screen) and tasks, within those project columns, as rows running top to bottom.

At the bottom of your screen you'll see some menu icons - these are the tools you'll use for adding and managing your projects and tasks. On the right of your screen you'll see more icons - these are for applying assorted filters to your task data.

Fig 2: The ShoutDone Interface:


Add Your Projects and Tasks

Once you're installed and running, go ahead and enter your projects and tasks into ShoutDone, using the 'Add' icon at the bottom of your screen.

Fig 3: The 'Add' Icon at the Bottom of Your Screen:


Once you've added all of your tasks, you can start using the view filters - on the right - to control which of your tasks you see at any given time. If you want to find out more about the many features in ShoutDone, be sure to read through the sections that follow in this manual.

Set Up Synchronization (Pro version only)

If you want to set up ShoutDone so that your projects and tasks automatically synchronize between different computers (you can install ShoutDone on up to 3 devices as standard) then you'll need the Pro version. If you've ordered the pro version, and entered your registration code, you can go ahead and enter your Evernote account username and password in the Sync Settings screen, as shown below.

Fig 4: Sync Settings:


Hopefully, if you don't have the time and/or patience for instruction manuals, this short 'primer' will at least have you heading in the right direction. Don't forget, we also have a few video tutorials designed to help you along your way to greater productivity, using ShoutDone. You can check them out here.


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More Useful Support Links:

If you want to print out the full ShoutDone manual, you can view, save and/or print the PDF Manual by clicking here.

If you'd like to check out the free tutorial videos, designed to help you get the most from ShoutDone, then click here.

If your question is not answered by either the manual or the videos, then please drop by our support ticket system.