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2.4.4 - Pushing Back Task Deadlines

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2.4.4 - Pushing Back Task Deadlines

If you want to make changes to task settings, you can edit tasks (as described in the topic before this one) but for an even easier way to push back deadlines you can use the deadlines tool right there on th right-click task menu.

Making Quick Adjustments to Task Due-Dates

To quickly push back a deadline, with just a few clicks, right-click the task in question and, from the right-click menu that appears, choose the 'Push Back Deadline' option as highlighted below.

Fig 1: The Push Back Deadline Menu Option:


Clicking the 'Push Back Deadline' menu option will load a pop-up window (shown below), from which you can choose how far back you would like to push the task deadline. Your options are:

1 Day

2 Days

1 Week

Fig 2: Push Back Deadline Pop-up:


On clicking one of the three options above, 1, 2 or 7 days (respectively) will be added to the due date of that task. Again, due to the fact that due-dates feature in the prioritization of tasks, your task may move position within the task display.


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