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8.4 - Projects Settings

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8.4 - Projects Settings

Using the 'Projects Settings' described below, you can manage your projects quickly and easily. The Projects settings are available from the settings menu as shown below.

Fig 1: The Projects Settings Menu:


Editing Projects

If you wish to edit a project's details, simply click the small 'pencil' icon to the right of the project in question, in the projects list - as shown below.

Fig 2: The Edit Project Icon:


Clicking the 'pencil' icon will load the project settings screen as shown below. This screen is essentially the same as the 'Add New Project' screen. All you need do is make your changes to the project settings, then click the 'Next' and (finally) the 'Save' button to complete your changes.

Fig 3: Editing Your Project Settings:


Deleting Projects

If you wish to delete any of your projects, you simply need to click the small 'x' icon to the right of the project in question, in the projects list - as shown below.

Fig 4: The Delete Project Icon:


On clicking the 'delete project' icon, a confirmation pop-up will appear, as shown below.

Fig 5: The Delete Project Confirmation Pop-up:


Clicking the 'Ok' button in the confirmation pop-up will remove your project, along with any tasks contained within that project (see 'word of caution' below).

A Word of Caution...

Deleting a project will irreversibly delete your project and all of the tasks within it - please make sure you only delete projects if you genuinely no longer need them, or any of the tasks within them.


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