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8.6 - Online Sync Settings

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ShoutDone Manual

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8.6 - Online Sync Settings

If you're using the 'Pro' version of ShoutDone then you have the ability to synchronize your projects and tasks across multiple installations of the ShoutDone software - on different computers and devices. This is where ShoutDone really comes into its own. Follow the instructions below to get your copies of ShoutDone synchronizing in no time flat. Note: There's a whole section in this manual dedicated to online synchronization, later in the manual.

The Sync settings are available from the settings menu as shown below.

Fig 1: The Sync Settings Menu:


Enabling Online Synchronization

Checking the check-box in the Sync Settings screen (pro version only) activates online synchronization in this particular installed copy of ShoutDone. Note: You'll need to set synchronization properties in any copies of ShoutDone that you want to connect together.

Fig 2: Enabling Online Sync:


Evernote Username/Password

In the Username and Password boxes, you need to enter the details for the Evernote account you wish to use, for synchronizing your tasks in ShoutDone. If you don't already have an Evernote account, click here to find out how to set one up.

Fig 3: Your Evernote Username and Password:


Synchronize Now

Once you have entered your Evernote Username and Password, you may click the 'Synchronize Now' link to initiate an immediate synchronization attempt. ShoutDone will attempt to synchronize your projects and tasks using the Evernote account details you have entered.

Fig 4: The 'Synchronize Now' link:


Note: The first time you synchronize your ShoutDone projects and tasks with an Evernote account, the process can take up to a few minutes, as some special folders and settings have to be created on the initial synchronization. After this initial set-up, your task synchronizations should happen a lot faster.

Changing Evernote Accounts

If you wish to change Evernote accounts, at any time, simply enter new details, as described above. Please note that on changing your Evernote account details, you will see a pop-up message (shown below) asking for confirmation. On confirming your intention to use a new account, all of your projects and tasks will be marked for re-synchronization, with that new account.

Fig 5: Confirm New Evernote Account Pop-up:


For more information about on-line synchronization, please refer to the section of this manual entitled 'Synchronizing Tasks Online'.


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