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1.5 - Licensing ShoutDone ('Pro' Version)

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ShoutDone Manual

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1.5 - Licensing ShoutDone ('Pro' Version)

Once you've ordered your copy of the Pro Version of ShoutDone, you'll be given a unique Registration Code (it will be displayed on the purchase confirmation web-page and will also be e-mailed to you, directly). Follow the instructions below to enter that code in the ShoutDone software, and unlock the full feature set.

Ordering Your Copy of ShoutDone

In case you haven't yet ordered your copy of ShoutDone, you may do so by simply clicking this link.

Entering Your Registration Code

With your unique registration code to hand, load the ShoutDone software, and click the 'Help' icon at the bottom of the screen. Once the Help popup menu appears, click the 'Register' menu option, and the following window will appear:

Fig 1: The Registration Screen, for Entering Your License Code:


On seeing this window, paste the long code into the boxes provided (you can paste the whole code in one go, for your convenience) and then click the 'Register' button to activate the Pro version.

Registration Problems?

If you have any difficulty registering the software using your personal license code, please first retry the process (making sure you have an active Internet connection, first). If the registration is still unsuccessful, please take a look at our Troubleshooting page for further suggestions.


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