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10.3 - Licensing Problems (Pro Version)

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10.3 - Licensing Problems (Pro Version)

Here are a few quick reasons why you might encounter licensing problems, when entering your personal registration code for the Pro version of ShoutDone.

I Get a 'Registration Failed' Message

If you get a 'registration failed' message, the first suggested action is to simply retry. Make sure you can connect to the Internet (open a browser) and then re-submit your registration code. If you still encounter problems, check the tops below, or contact our helpdesk for priority assistance.

My License Code 'Activation Limit' Has Been Reached

If you are presented with a message informing you that your 'activation limit' has been reached, that means you have already installed ShoutDone on 3 or more computers. The default limit for installations on a single license code is three copies. After that you need to contact our support team to enable additional installations.

My License Code Has Been Revoked

If your license code has been revoked this usually means you have refunded your purchase. In these circumstances, your license code will have automatically been revoked by our registration servers. If you feel your license has been revoked in error, please contact our support team right away - we'll look into your case as a priority.


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