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ShoutDone Manual

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Thank you for trying out the ShoutDone task management software, and welcome to the Shout Software community. You're one step closer to living a more balanced, productive life thanks to our revolutionary new approach to visualizing your projects and tasks.

This short manual is designed to step you through using all of the powerful features inside ShoutDone, and to get you on your way to improved productivity in record time.

I really do hope you enjoy using the software as much as I have creating it, and that you get an amazing return on your investment.

To your life more organized!


Rich Butterworth - Founder, Shout Internet

P.S. If you'd prefer a 'print-ready' PDF version of this manual, click here


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ShoutDone Task List Software

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If your question is not answered by either the manual or the videos, then please drop by our support ticket system.