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3.5 - Getting Your Tasks Done

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3.5 - Getting Your Tasks Done

There comes a time, of course, once your tasks are entered, processed and prioritized, that you simply need to get busy working through your tasks. The good news here is that there are a couple of hidden tools in ShoutDone that are designed to help you do just that - to improve your productivity when working on tasks.

Time to Get Busy, Getting Things Done!

The two areas that ShoutDone focuses on, in trying to boost your productivity, are 'ensuring you stay focused, and working on the right tasks at the right time' (working smarter) and also helping you maximize your own output when you're getting down to specific tasks (working more productively). You can read more on how ShoutDone helps you do both these things by following the links below:

Working Smarter

Working More Productively


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