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2.4.3 - Editing Tasks

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2.4.3 - Editing Tasks

Every now and then you're likely to want to edit your tasks - perhaps to update the description, or to change deadlines, etc. The great news is that editing tasks is super-simple in ShoutDone.

Updating Your Task Settings

To update your task settings, simply right click on the task in question and then, from the right-click menu that appears, select the 'Edit Task' option, shown below.

Fig 1: Edit Task Menu Option:


On clicking the 'Edit Task' menu option, the task settings pop-up will appear, ready for you to edit the task data. Once you're done editing, simply click the 'Next' and then 'Save' buttons (highlighted below) to save your changes.

Fig 2: Task Editing Pop-up:


Note: On editing your task data, bear in mind the prioritization of that task - relative to other tasks - may change, and so your task may appear in a different position to the one it occupied prior to editing. These adjustments are your system taking care of your task priorities for you.


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