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7.2 - Display Menu

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ShoutDone Manual

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7.2 - Display Menu

The Display menu options give you control of how ShoutDone looks, on your computer screen. There are four options available to you - although when you look at the menu, you will only see two (each of the options is a two-way, or 'toggle' switch). The following notes explain what each view option does. To access the menu, click the Display menu option at the bottom of the screen, as shown in the assorted screen-shots below.

Spotlight Tasks View Mode

Selecting 'Spotlight' mode from the Display menu will darken all of the display apart from a 'spotlight' area in the top-left corner of the display. The reason the spotlight effect is applied to this corner only, is that these are your most important tasks - as determined by your system priorities.

The general idea is that by removing distractions (your less important tasks) you are more likely and able to remain focussed on the important stuff on your list.

Fig 1: The 'Spotlight' view mode option:


All Tasks View Mode

If you need to get a global view of all your tasks (useful when you're reviewing your projects and tasks, for instance) then selecting the 'All Tasks' option will remove the spotlight effect, revealing all your tasks.

Fig 2: The 'All Tasks' view mode option:


Full Screen Mode

If you want to take full advantage of your monitor's real-estate, clicking the 'Full Screen' menu option will maximize ShoutDone, so that it fills your screen. This is a great feature if you have lots of projects and tasks, and want to get birds-eye view of all your tasks.

Fig 3: The 'Full Screen' view mode option:


Window Mode

The window mode switches ShoutDone to a 1024x768 windowed mode. Switching to this size also gives you the ability to move the window about your desktop (or perhaps onto a second monitor if you are running one).

Fig 4: The 'Window' view mode option:


The important thing about the view mode is that you should pick the settings which work best for you - there's no right or wrong way to show your tasks, so long as you see what you need to see, without being overly distracted by other items on your list.


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