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3.4 - Delegating Tasks

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3.4 - Delegating Tasks

With the many and varied responsibilities of modern working life, it's highly likely that a good percentage of the things you need to 'get done' aren't in fact best done by you. Delegating tasks is a sensible way of saving money (it often costs less for someone else to quickly do a specialized task than for you to plug away at it for hours on end), and also for improving quality (you can't be great at everything, after all - so sometimes it's best to employ a specialist, such as a programmer, or graphic designer for example).

Marking Tasks as Someone Else's Responsibility, in ShoutDone

Marking a task as 'delegated' in ShoutDone is simple, simply start off by right-clicking the task in question to call up the right-click task menu as shown below:

Fig 1: The Right-Click Task Menu:


Once the menu appears, select the 'Delegate Task' menu option. Doing so will cause a pop-up window to appear as shown below.

Fig 2: The Delegate Task Pop-up:


The 'Delegate Task' pop-up requires you to select the task owner. You can choose more than one delegatee, and if you need to add a new team member you can do so simply by clicking the 'add team member' link, which will load a new pop-up as shown below.

Fig 3: Add Team Member Pop-up:


To add a new team member, just fill out their name and e-mail details, then click the 'Add' button.

On delegating a task, that task will appear in your project as a blue-colored task. This is a simple visual clue to you - when reviewing your tasks - of which of the items needing doing are to be completed by you, and which are dependant on other people.

Using the filters on the right of the screen you can quickly call up a view of all tasks being worked on by delegatees - perfect for following these tasks up later on. You can see a sample of a delegated task below.

Fig 4: Blue-Colored Delegated Task, in the Main Task View:


Note: The only time a delegated task shows as anything but a blue-colored task is when the due-date for that task is 'today' - in that instance the delegated task will show a red color.


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