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6.5 - Contexts

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6.5 - Contexts

Contexts are perhaps the most powerful form of task filter within the ShoutDone software. The reason for this is that they are totally customizable - you can set up your own contexts, and then have ShoutDone filter by these contexts in just a couple of clicks.

Contexts can be put to a number of uses - perhaps the most obvious example would be to create function-specific contexts (such as @email, @writing, @phonecalls and so on) so when you sit down at your desk to get some emails written, you could quickly call up all of your email writing tasks in a couple of clicks - and get them all done while you're in 'e-mail writing mode'.

This is a simple way to boost your productivity - rolling up your tasks into related 'batches' of activity, rather than hopping back and forward between tasks activities.

Other uses for contexts might include:

Separating personal tasks from work tasks

Flagging tasks that you enjoy doing, in case you want to view 'easy' tasks at any point

Creating your own 'measures' against which you can filter tasks, e.g. 'Low/Medium/High Traffic Generation Potential'

You can probably think of plenty more uses besides these, which are relevant to your own business (or indeed, your own personal life).

Selecting/Applying Contexts

Applying a context filter is simple - just click the 'Contexts' filter menu option on the right of your screen (as shown below) and in the pop-up that appears, either type the context you wish to apply (in the text box) or select the context from the drop-down list. Clicking the 'Apply' button will then activate this context filter.

Fig 1: Applying a Context Filter:


Adding New Contexts

If you wish to add a new context, which you can later use when adding new tasks, simply click the 'Add New Context" link in the pop-up shown above. This will load the 'Add New Context' pop-up - type the name of your new context to the right of the '@' symbol, then click the 'Add' button to add the new context to your list.

Fig 2: The 'Add New Context' Pop-up:


'System' Contexts

System contexts are pre-set contexts that you can use special sets of tasks, specifically:

Completed Tasks

Archived Tasks

Task Filed for Reference

You can read more about System Contexts by clicking the 'Next' link below.


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