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9.2 - Configuring ShoutDone for Synchronization

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ShoutDone Manual

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9.2 - Configuring ShoutDone for Synchronization

Once you've created your Evernote account, you're only a short step from being able to synchronize your projects and tasks between your installed copies of the ShoutDone software.

Entering Your Evernote Account Details, in ShoutDone

To get ShoutDone set-up, ready to synchronize, you need to enter your Evernote account details (your Evernote username and password) into each of the installed copies of ShoutDone that you wish to sync your projects and tasks between. To start, head over to the 'Sync Settings' screen as shown below.

Fig 1: The Sync Settings Screen:


Enter your Evernote username (the e-mail address with which you registered your account) and also your password (which you set, when you registered your Evernote account). Once entered, click the 'Save' button to save these account details.

Synchronizing for the First Time

You can initiate synchronization in the Sync Settings screen, shown above, by clicking the 'synchronize now' link. Clicking this link will trigger a synchronization attempt with your Evernote account, online. You will see a series of messages in ShoutDone, describing the different stages of the attempted synchronization, as shown below.

If successful, your projects and tasks will appear in your Evernote account, online. If you encounter any synchronization problems, first retry but if problems persist please refer to the Troubleshooting section in this manual.

Fig 2: The Synchronization Process in Action:



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