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3.1 - Capturing Tasks in ShoutDone

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ShoutDone Manual

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3.1 - Capturing Tasks in ShoutDone

The first, important step, when working with a trusted task management system, is to capture everything that may (or may not) constitute a 'task' (i.e. something that requires action). Here's how to capture tasks in ShoutDone.

Dumping Everything into The Inbox

ShoutDone has a number of ways to add tasks into ShoutDone:

Adding a single task, using the 'add task' menu option. More on adding single tasks here.

Fig 1: The 'Add Task' Option:


Adding multiple tasks, using the 'add multiple tasks' option. More on adding multiple tasks here.

Fig 2: The 'Add Multiple Tasks' Option:


Creating notes in your Evernote notebooks (using the correct formatting, so they show up in ShoutDone - more how to do this here)

Fig 3: Creating a Note in Evernote:


E-mailing tasks to your Evernote account, so they show up in your ShoutDone projects. More on how to e-mail tasks to ShoutDone here.

Fig 4: E-mailing a Task to ShoutDone, via Evernote:


Using the quick task entry 'hot-key' (CTRL/CMD+T, by default). More on using Hot-keys can be found here.

Fig 5: The Hot-key Task Popup:


Each of the methods described above is itself a process of adding a task, but the practice of routinely capturing your tasks is a habit you must establish over time. In essence, you can use ShoutDone to quickly add tasks using any of the above methods - the important thing is to make sure you add them to ShoutDone as soon as they occur.

Don't worry about mapping them to the relevant project to start, just adding a task to ShoutDone will ensure the task is captured. The 'processing' phase (using the Inbox' tool) is where you'll sort through all your captured tasks, allocating them to their respective projects.


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