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4.6 - Advanced Task Variables

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ShoutDone Manual

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4.6 - Advanced Task Variables

For power-users, we've included a 'secret' piece of powerful functionality to help you add tasks with custom settings, en masse, super-quickly. These parameters may be used in any of the 'add task' title inputs - including the 'Add Single Task' tool, the 'Add Multiple Tasks' tool and the 'Hot-key Task Addition' tool also.

Advanced Task Variables/Parameters

The syntax for using these special parameters is: Task Title {s*,p*,s**,e*}


s* is the size of the task. Options are 'small' (ss), medium (sm) and large (sl)

p* is the profitability of the task. Options are 'low' (pl), medium (pm) and high (ph)

s** is start date, entered as 'days from now'. e.g. a start date of 'today' would be 's0', and 'tomorrow' would be 's1'

e* is the task deadline. Like start date, this is 'days from today' as a number. One week from now would therefore be 'e7'

Putting these variables together, one gets a set like this:

Task Title {ss,pl,s1,e7}

Fig 1: Task Entry Featuring Advanced Task Parameters:


The variables shown above the screenshot - {ss,pl,s1,e7} - would set your task size to 'small', the profitability to 'low', the start date to 'tomorrow' and the deadline to '1 week from now'.

Note: If you don't wish to set a specific value, exclude it from the sequence e.g. {ss,s0,e7}

Using this method, you can quickly make your task-entry more specific to individual tasks. What's more, this special functionality even extends to the e-mails you send into Evernote. Once you get used to using this feature you will have unprecedented control over your task entry.

Fig 2: Emailing Tasks With Advanced Parameters:



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