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5.2 - Adding Tasks to Existing Projects

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5.2 - Adding Tasks to Existing Projects

Many of the tasks you've added to ShoutDone can be added to existing projects. Remember: it's often far quicker to simply dump all your tasks to the inbox (so, not specify a project at the time of adding a task) and then processing all your tasks in one hit, each morning.

Adding Tasks to Projects Using Drag-and-Drop

To add a task to an existing project, using the ShoutDone Inbox, simply drag the task from the list and drop it onto the 'open folder' icon on the left side of the Inbox pop-up as shown below.

Fig 1: Adding Tasks to Existing Projects in the ShoutDone Inbox:


On dropping the task onto the 'open folder' icon, you will see a 'project selection' popup (shown below).  Using the drop-down list provided, you can simply select an existing project into which you want to move this particular task. Click the 'Apply' button and the task will disappear from the Inbox list (you will find the task in the respective project column, when you exit the Inbox tool).

Fig 2: The Project Selection Inbox Pop-up:



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