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9.3.1 - Adding Projects in Evernote

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ShoutDone Manual

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9.3.1 - Adding Projects in Evernote

The Evernote 'Workbook' is the online equivalent of a ShoutDone Project. Use the simple steps below to create a new workbook which will map itself to a ShoutDone project on next synchronizing your account in ShoutDone.

Creating a New Notebook in Evernote

Login to your Evernote account by clicking here. On logging in, click the ''New Note' drop-down menu option, as shown below.

Fig 1: The New Notebook Drop-down:


On clicking the 'New Notebook' menu option above, you will be prompted for a Notebook title, as shown below. This is going to be your ShoutDone project title, and requires a special name format to work with ShoutDone. Simply preface your notebook name with the characters "SD-" to identify this workbook as a project, to ShoutDone.

For example, if I wanted to create a project in ShoutDone called "Sales Plan" I would enter the following text as my Evernote workbook name:

SD-Sales Plan

Once you've entered your new project title, you can click the 'save' button.

Fig 2: Workbook/Project Title Pop-up:


The new workbook will now appear in your workbooks list, on the left side of your browser. This workbook is now ready to have tasks added (either manually, or using the ShoutDone software).


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