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4.1 - Adding Projects

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ShoutDone Manual

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4.1 - Adding Projects

Adding projects is the first step toward organizing your to-do list - the container for a group of related tasks. Your projects want to be a specific outcome and the tasks within it, the steps required to achieve that outcome.

Step 1: Add Project

To add a project in ShoutDone, first click the 'Add' menu option icon at the bottom of the screen as shown below.

Fig 1: The 'Add' menu option:


On clicking the menu option above, a pop-up window will appear (shown above) - click the 'New Project' button.

Step 2: Project Information

Now you'll see the 'Step 2' screen in the same pop-up. This screen requires you to enter your basic project information, specially:

Title - The name of your project

Owner - The person overly responsible for a project

Description - For your information only - notes about this project e.g. goals, issues, etc.

Fig 2: The Project Information Screen:


Simply type the information into the boxes provided. You can select the project owner from the drop-down list, and you can add a new team member if required, simply by clicking the '+' button. On entering the project information, click the 'Next' button (highlighted above) to proceed to the final step.

Step 3: Default Task Settings

The 'Step 3' screen in the pop-up prompts you for some 'default task settings'. These are some (optional) values that will be applied, by default, to any new tasks you enter within this project. This greatly speeds the process of adding new tasks, in future, and so it's worth taking a moment to enter the relevant data. The information requested includes:

Context - The default context for new tasks added to this project

Start - The date on which tasks will be set to start, by default

Deadline - The date by which tasks will be due to be completed, by default

Size - The default task size, for tasks added to this project

Profitability - The default profitability setting for new tasks in this project

Note: All of the 'default' values entered above can of course be overridden when actually adding a new task to this project - they are set for your convenience only.

Fig 3: Default Task Settings Screen:


Once you've entered as much information as you want, click the 'Create' button (highlighted above) and the project will be added to your projects list.

Note: There are two other shortcuts for quickly adding new projects - one is at the point of adding a task, the other is using the 'Add Project' hot-key. These are covered in separate section of the manual.


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