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4.3 - Adding Multiple Tasks

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ShoutDone Manual

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4.3 - Adding Multiple Tasks

Adding multiple tasks is a great way to quickly dump a whole list of tasks into ShoutDone - it's a perfect way to start migrating your existing task-list into ShoutDone when you first start using it - and later, when you create new projects, you can use this feature to brainstorm the project's component steps directly into your task management system.

Step 1: Multiple Tasks

Firstly, click the 'Add' menu option icon at the bottom of the screen as shown below.

Fig 1: The 'Add' menu option:


On clicking the menu option above, a pop-up window will appear (shown above) - click the 'Multiple Tasks' button.

Step 2: Basic (Multiple) Task Information

On clicking the 'Multiple Tasks' button you'll see the 'Step 2' screen, in the same pop-up, shown below. This screen requires you to enter your basic task information, specially:

Title - The titles of all your new tasks

Project - The project into which you'd like these tasks to be added - if they relate to multiple projects, leave this value blank (tasks will go to your Inbox, ready for processing later).

Owner - The person overly responsible for completing these tasks

Fig 2: The Basic (Multiple) Task Information Screen:


On entering the information above, click the 'Next' button to advance to the next step.

Step 3: Multiple Task Settings

Just as with single tasks, on the 'Step 3' screen you need to enter some additional settings for the tasks you're creating. Enter as much detail as you can about these tasks (bearing in mind, of course, that all tasks entered using the 'multiple tasks' option will have these same values applied. The only mandatory values are a 'start' date and task 'size'. The values you may set on this screen include:

Context - The context for these tasks. Select an existing context using the drop-down, or add a new context by clicking the '+' button. For more on contexts, click here

Start - The date on which these tasks start. Use the quick drop-down options, or click the 'calendar' button to select a specific date.

Deadline - The date by which these tasks are due to be completed. Use the quick drop-down options, or click the 'calendar' button to select a specific date.

Size - The size of these tasks: Small (2-25mins), Medium (25-60mins) or large (over 1hour).

Profitability - The estimated profitability of these tasks, Low, Medium or High. These are your own arbitrary valuations.

Fig 3: Additional (Multiple) Task Information Screen:


On completing the settings on this screen, click the 'Create' button to add all of your new tasks to ShoutDone.


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